Our Company

Our Mission

We believe our long-term growth is dependent on the success of our clients. Our approach is to build lasting relationships with the customers we serve, adopt their goals as our own, and to encourage our employees to become integral components behind their operations. Embracing our strategy will create a driving force behind our customers' businesses and in turn, behind ours.

About Archon Development Corp.

Archon Development Corp. is a privately-held software development company and the creator of Prophet. Founded in 1999, we have over 50 years of combined operational experience in mystery shopping and over 20 years experience in business intelligence software and mission-critical networking. With our focus on market research and customer experience, this has uniquely positioned us to not only understand the needs of clients but to become the industry's standard.

The Prophet Platform

Prophet has been providing world-class mystery shopping since 1999, the longest-serving provider in the industry. Designed with the Mystery Shopping company in mind, Prophet delivers clients the most flexible, secure, and reliable software platform available. As the global leader in industry technology Prophet supports clients in over 90 countries with unrivaled customer support. Prophet system has integrated support for over 40 languages including Cyrillic and Asian characters sets. Use Prophet and you will see why so many of the GLOBAL 100 and FORTUNE 100 companies rely on us.

Prophet Software is the Leading Provider for Mystery Shopping & Market Research Companies World-wide.
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