Customer Surveys - Empowering Business Decisions with Prophet

In today's competitive marketplace, it's critical to know exactly what your customers are thinking. Prophet Surveys help you identify the key factors that solidify customer relationships, build loyalty, increase sales, and can also help you set goals to empower business decisions.

Features Spotlight:

Customized Branding

  • Customize to your client specifications with their company colors, images, and logo
  • Multi-language capable surveys
  • Use custom survey URLs to maintain customer trust.
  • Customized welcome and thank you pages.
  • Custom themes with the power of CSS.

Get Notified

  • Receive immediate notification of a completed survey.
  • Use automated Triggers to get immediate notifications, based user defined criteria.
  • Send time-specific notifications for those who need to stay in the know.

Powerful Reporting

  • Build customized reports using any captured data on the survey or captured locations.
  • Create cross-analytic reporting by combining survey data with pre-existing mystery shopping, market research, or auditing projects.
  • Boardroom Ready high resolution scorecard output

Collect Responses

  • Automatically send out email to begin gathering your responses
  • Provide a familiar look your customers can recognized with HTML themed emails
  • Use skip logic and question grouping to guide respondents
  • Question validation ensures each appropriate question is answered

A Few of Prophet's Survey Types:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Your customers are key to your business' success. Begin collecting the information your business needs to grow with a Prophet Survey.

Market Research Survey
Measure awareness and improve customer loyalty by understanding your customers' needs through the use of Prophet's online market research survey.

Marketing Surveys
Online marketing surveys help you make better decisions, improve website effectiveness, test ad campaigns, and measure customer loyalty.

Employee Satisfaction Survey
Prophet's employee satisfaction surveys help improve your staff's productivity and morale by providing an outlet to show that you care.

Net Promoter
The ultimate test for any customer relationship! Simply measuring your company's NPS will not lead to success, but using Prophet to drive customer loyalty improvements will surely lead to profitable growth.

Online Research Surveys
Anything from general surveys to academic research we can help you get in front of your targeted audiences to get the results you need to make powerful business decisions.

Prophet's Survey Engine is More Powerful than Even the Most Popular Survey Systems Available on the Internet Today!
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