The Prophet Platform

Prophet is a world-class platform for mystery shopping, market research, and customer experience. Prophet is by far the most flexible, secure, and reliable technology online software in the industry. Use Prophet and you will see why so many of the GLOBAL 100 and FORTUNE 100 companies rely on us.

Features Spotlight:

Prophet provides you with thousands of features which are invaluable to your business.

  • Global support
  • Fully rebrandable System - sell it as your own
  • Leading edge technology
  • International offices and datacenters
  • Competitive pricing model - no hidden fees
  • Longest serving software provider in the industry
  • Multiple branding options
  • ProphetVIA: integrated telephone recordings
  • ProphetSync: full offline auditor and shopper data entry
  • ProphetSurvey: anonymous web and telephone/IVR surveys
  • ProphetMobile: view and submit data on mobile devices
  • Powerful proFORM formula language: custom workflows and complex calculations made easy
  • And much, much more...

Feature Video:


More Powerful Features "Turning Data into Knowledge"

Customizable Interface

  • Choose your custom project color to match client branding
  • Select your fonts
  • Control project gradients
  • Customizable styling options with themes
  • Import logos for both web and high resolution print output
  • Support any language

Powerful Reporting Options

  • High-quality end-client deliverables
  • Flexible averaging: actual/possible averages, points-missed, mode, standard deviation, and more...
  • Interactive report toggling: drill down and across large amounts of data with ease
  • KPIs and benchmarking
  • Many graphing options

Scorecard Reporting

  • Performance based reporting at the location level.
  • Scorecards look fantastic on the web, but even better in print. Printed scorecards are PDF’d to full print quality and are "boardroom ready."
  • Multiple gauge options
  • Corporate rankings
  • Rank key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Optimized layouts and design
  • Display trending details over time

End-client Deliverables

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Statistical analysis
  • Location reporting scorecards
  • Automated customized e-mails
  • Customized data exports
  • PDF exports of scorecards, reports, dashboards, and shops

Power Project Administration

  • Get your projects up and running quickly
  • Work independently and with the assistance of rapid replies from technical support
  • Importing of historical shop data
  • On-demand exporting
  • Editor tracking to determine which projects are costing you the most time
  • Build templates and instantly copy them from one project to another

Prophet Software is the Leading Provider for Mystery Shopping & Market Research Companies World-wide.
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