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Mystery shopping software including scheduling, reporting, and client and shopper management.

Fully integrated telephone recordings.

Fully integrated web survey engine for direct feedback from customers and employees.

Fully integrated telephone survey engine for direct feedback from customers and employees.
Prophet was developed to be the most feature-rich software in the mystery shopping and market research industry. In use worldwide, it is constantly updated with new capabilities and enhancements and is the most powerful and flexible piece of software of its kind available over the Internet.

Some of Prophet's features include:

Project Colors and Branding - Prophet allows you to specify the core colors of each of your project sites, as well as its forms and statistical reports, making each project unique to your client.

Dashboard and Executive Summaries - Prophet allows you to customize exactly what your clients see when they log in. The dashboard allows uses to get a snapshot of their project in a matter of seconds without having to navigate through vast amounts of data. Dashboards can include report pages or drill-down-style graphs, and can also be customized by your client so that they can quickly see the data that interests them.

Scheduling - Prophet has the most advanced scheduling capabilities in the industry. Shoppers receive targeted, automated e-mails based on distance to the location and/or shopper demographics. Prophet auto-schedules 92%-100% of all shops for Archon's existing clients. Date, Time, Day and Frequency restrictions (rotation) are all easily customizable by the user. Notification, overdue and reminder e-mails are also customizable, as are instructions and file attachments. Clients are given access to over 40,000 active mystery shoppers.

Customizable Reporting and Graphing - Prophet's reporting will summarize any set of shops on any criteria. Show totalling, counting, and averaging on virtually any information about shops. Users can create and view graphs on-the-fly while viewing any report page.

Email Triggers - Prophet can automatically e-mail users or appropriate managers about shops that meet any criteria. Some possible ideas include:

    - Notify managers when shops are published so they don't have to spend time checking for new shops.

    - Notify appropriate global/regional/district/store/etc. managers for unusual scores.

    - Alert project administrators when certain shoppers submit results.

    - Send e-mails to stores when questions receive particular answers or when certain keywords appear in shopper comments.
Queries - Ad-hoc queries search for specific information about shops, shoppers and locations. Save queries for re-use later.

Customizable Views - Views sort and categorize your shops and other data in real-time. Customize them to display any piece of information about shops, shoppers, etc. Sort or categorize your data by overall score, section score, alignment hierarchy, period, shop date, etc.

Quality Control/Publishing Workflow - E-mail shoppers directly from shops. Edit shops directly and watch their scores be updated in real-time. End-clients only view the quality-controlled shops that you publish. A single click will even e-mail shops to anyone in PDF format.

True Geographical Alignment - Prophet can organize locations and shops based on geographic regions, districts, etc. You define your own areas with any level of depth you wish -- from the globe, right down to the store. Alignment information can change based on dates, periods, or other criteria . Managers see only the shops and reports they are supposed to see.

Forms/Scoring/Validation - Choose any style of question for your forms -- Yes/No, Yes/No/NA, Drop-down-box, Date, Time, Large comment box, etc. Scoring is highly flexible, easily handling complex scoring such as calculative and dependency scoring (ex: "If question X is less than 3 then question Y is worth 10 points. If greater than 3 then question Y is worth 15 points".) Prophet supports cross-index scoring (ex: question 1 in the "Welcome" section and question 35 in the "Bathroom" section are part of a "Cleanliness" cross-index that also receives a score). Prophet's validation is highly flexible -- answers can be required, "required-if....", and more.

Wizard-Driven Configurations - Prophet walks users through step-by-step procedures for the creation of nearly every element in the system. Experienced users can bypass wizards completely to rapidly create elements from scratch.

Context-Sensitive Help - Help is just one click away. Prophet will give you help that deals with the area of the system you are working with.

Importing/Exporting - Prophet can import and export data to or from nearly any format, including text, Excel, Access and XML. Exports can be set to be automatically generated and e-mailed on a scheduled basis (certain days of the week, various dates throughout the month, etc.)

Login/Security Management - Easily create logins for new users or end-clients, and choose the features they are allowed to use. High-strength SSL encryption is also available to further enhance security of critical data.