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Mystery shopping software including scheduling, reporting, and client and shopper management.

Fully integrated telephone recordings.

Fully integrated web survey engine for direct feedback from customers and employees.

Fully integrated telephone survey engine for direct feedback from customers and employees.
ProphetVIA (patent-pending)
ProphetVIA allows callers to record any telephone mystery shop without the need to use special equipment or install any other pieces of software. All that is needed is a phone.

The ProphetVIA Process

    1. Callers receive an e-mail letting them know they're eligible, based on many different criteria such as shopper/caller rating, demographics, distance to location, etc.

    2. Callers accept or decline the assignment and read the instructions (including call script information such as what to ask about during the call).

    3. Callers call the toll-free ProphetVIA phone number given in their instructions and enter the auto-generated access code when prompted.

    4. ProphetVIA automatically calls the appropriate number and immediately starts recording the call.

    5. When the call is complete, ProphetVIA automatically places the recording on the evaluation in Prophet. Callers may listen to the call, or simply submit it.

ProphetVIA is revolutionizing the industry by enabling simple, cost-effective, high-quality recording of telephone calls. ProphetVIA also solves many problems associated with other methods of phone recording:

Time and Labor - ProphetVIA works in conjunction with Prophet's automated scheduling and reporting system to automatically attach and track phone calls without ANY manual intervention or file uploading.

Audio Quality - Audio quality is automatically controlled by ProphetVIA - sound is crystal clear.

Audio Storage - All files are stored on Prophet servers, and may be listened to or downloaded at any time.

Costs - ProphetVIA eliminates the need for ANY other piece of recording software or hardware for you, your callers, and your clients.

Long Distance Fees - ProphetVIA is accessed by a toll-free number.

ProphetVIA is also fully integrated with Prophet's powerful workflow and publishing capabilities. ProphetVIA supports multiple recordings for one evaluation. A caller may make numerous calls to one location and editors can choose which one(s) to release to the end-client. Other important information such as date/time of the call, phone number dialed, etc. is available for tracking and reporting purposes.

ProphetVIA is also fully integrated with Prophet's industry-leading data technology, including:

    Dashboard and Executive Summaries - Prophet allows you to customize exactly what your clients see when they log in. The dashboard allows uses to get a snapshot of their project in a matter of seconds without having to navigate through vast amounts of data. Dashboards can include report pages or drill-down-style graphs, and can also be customized by your client so that they can quickly see the data that interests them.

    Statistical Reports - Prophet's reports will summarize any set of data on any criteria -- totaling, counting and averaging on virtually any information.

    Graphing - Users can create graphs on-the-fly of any report data. Graphs are printable and can be placed into popular applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

    Real-time Data Views and Queries - Prophet's views allow powerful drill-down capabilities in real-time. Views can be easily customized and configured to group, sort, and categorize data based off of project needs. Queries can find data matching any criteria chosen.

    E-mail Triggers - Automatic emails can be sent to any relevant personnel. E-mails can include PDFs and/or web links to data, and can be restricted to only appropriate management.

    On-Demand and Automated Data Exports - Any information in Prophet can be sent via e-mail to anyone with one click. Exports can contain any piece of information collected. Exports can be scheduled to run automatically and to send data in virtually any format - PDF, Excel, XML, Text-delimited and more.