Turning Data into knowledge with Data Analytics and Reporting:
  • Reports can be generated based on key performance indicators, or any tracked study variable such as customer demographic, study type, time period, or department level.
  • Quickly visualize your reporting results with our impactful graphing results.
  • Integrate your client's organization hierarchy restrictions directly into the report configuration for more targeted results.
  • Quickly Build and Maintain your own Tables, Reports, and Graphs with our flexible suite of reporting tools.
Create, Gather, and Report with Customer Experience Surveys:
  • Build your own customized surveys using our flexible survey generator.
  • Easily collect and distribute results to your managers using our automated email triggers.
  • Use our powerful reporting tools for valuable customer insight.
  • Collect Anonymous Customer Evaluations, Authenticated Manager Audits, Employee or Customer Satisfaction email surveys using ProphetSurvey.
  • Learn More about how Prophet Surveys can help your company.
Manage from the Top Down with Hierarchy Management:
  • Security is key, that is why we have built support for your Organizations Hierarchical Restrictions into all areas of Prophet.
  • Easily Deliver, Restrict, and Display study data to only specific users in your organization.
  • Keep survey results/analytical measures/and shop data private with our restricted Hierarchy access.
  • Manage access by Geographic area, Organization Hierarchy, or any customized grouping, from the top of your corporate chain to the individual store level.
Quick and Simple Integrated Telephone Recordings:
  • Easily audit employees, customer service providers, and combine with traditional study methods to create added value with ProphetVia.
  • Record in store/face to face interactions with our one way recording software.
  • Easily deliver audio recordings via email, or attach directly to the visit for easy access.
  • Security is essential, keep recordings private and easily deliver results only to the recorded managers.

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